Class Offerings - beginner's welcome!

Feeling nervous? Unsure where to start? **1st-timers special offer** We welcome you to try a 15min one-on-one lesson for $20. Email for details!

  • Our NYC Pole dancing class is the perfect empowering fitness alternative in that allows for athleticism, self expression and boosting self-confidence! Shockra is the perfect place to start your journey, specializing in beginner to advanced pole dance in NYC since 2007. If you are mistakenly introduced to a new type of dance through a non-beginner friendly atmosphere you may never return. We are committed to your successful transition into our supportive pole community through individualized classes (you'll never have to share a pole!) and caring instructors who love what they do! Curious what is it like to take class with us in NYC? Watch our SHOCKra sample class video and read our client testimonials! Perfect for beginner's and beyond Professional Instructors including Champions: Pole Universe, Polesque, Hong Kong Pole, Pole Drama & more! Enroll now!

  • NYC Hip-Hop & Club Dance Description: NO Dance Experience Allowed! For those who are longing to move but unsure where to begin and extremely overwhelmed by larger, most "beginner" classes conducted in the city-welcome! We offer a safe, un intimidating atmosphere geared very much toward the true beginner. Enroll now!

    • Real-World application - moves that you will feel comfortable with on the dance floor!
    • Semi-Private Supportive Atmosphere.
    • Specially Designed for people with NO (or very little) DANCE EXPERIENCE!
    • Specially Structured -(6) 1hr classes - Coordination, Flexibility & Musicality to Top40 music.
  • WRITING & POETRY - Special cross discipline offering

    Writing/Storytelling 101: Unlock your creativity Register here! Can writing be a spiritual practice? For most people, what stands in the way of writing isn’t lack of ability but rather uncertainty, hesitation, and self-doubt. We’re unsure of our voice, we don’t know how to get started, or we have trouble finding the time. We don’t know what to write about, or we worry we’re not talented enough.

    In “Finding Flow,” you’ll learn how to leave fear behind so you can connect with your inner creativity and harness the power of your unconscious mind. You’ll learn tools, tips, and techniques for how to generate new ideas, capture the creative ideas you have throughout the day, and find a writing rhythm so you can finally tell your story. You’ll learn what steps to take to enter “flow,” the state of creative expression so natural and effortless you lose track of time. 

    Throughout the class, we’ll do meditation exercises, creativity exercises, and writing exercises designed to help you find your voice, connect with the stories from your own life, and eliminate blocks and creative distractions once and for all. This class is designed for writers in all genres. Whether you want to write stories or screenplays, fiction or nonfiction, memoir or personal essays, a storytelling show or a blog, we will help you unleash your creativity! Enroll Now!

  • Our ballet classes offer a safe, un-intimidating atmosphere geared very much toward the true beginner to explore movement style of ballet. These classes will familiarize you with the basics: introduction to vocabulary, style, alignment/posture. Focusing heavily on dance as a method of fun, fitness, coordination, self-expression/awareness, in addition to strengthening (mental & physical). These vital attributes can be developed through dance and, in turn, transcend to other aspects of life (work, contacts, relationships, etc) in the form of charisma & confidence. Enroll Now!

  • If you've been dying to try bellydance or learn how to move like Shakira, but have been too afraid to step foot in a bellydance class, we offer a comfortable, welcoming environment for absolute beginners (yes, this means you may have never swiveled those hips in your entire life) who are waiting for their chance to discover their dancing feet. Belly dance (more appropriately titled Oriental) not only provides you with killer moves, it's also an empowering dance that helps open up the hips, loosen the torso, and work out tensions in the body through learning how to move more fluidly.

    Belly dance and pole are both powerful and sexy ways to reduce stress and let loose. Not only will students learn shimmies, hip drops, undulations (think of moving your body like a snake), and much more, they'll also learn numerous spins, climbs, and other pole essentials! The class equally breaks up pole work with bellydance and moves at a pace that is slow and respectful of each person's needs in order to excel. If you've never danced a step before in your life, this workshop is a great way to break into the world of dance; or if you're still relatively new at pole, this is a great way to add new dance moves to your pole routine, fine tune your pole skills, and develop fluidity and grace.  Enroll Now!

  • Zumba is one of the most unique, fun, and beneficial exercise programs to have blessed the fitness market for its diversity and level of fun! There are numerous different styles of Latin dances mixed in (Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Puya, Calypso, etc), and the beautiful part of this class is that you don't have to be a dancer or professional. Period. Zumba Fusion allows anyone and everyone to have fun while dancing and exercising, and at the same time - learning different styles of movement to amazing music. You can't beat that! 


    Coming soon!