Student Testimonials

All classes below were recommended through SHOCKra and hosted on location:

"THANK YOU, Jessica and the SHOCKra Studio, for making my group's first experience with belly dancing and pole dancing absolutely enjoyable. We had so much fun that we're still talking about it days later. Despite our being older and in various sizes and shapes, not once did you make us feel out of place. Your energy and enthusiasm, coupled with your patience and earnestness to help us conquer the moves, really built our confidence. We stand a little taller, smile a little brighter and walk a little sassier because of you. Again, THANK YOU!" 

 "Our instructor was Stefania and she was wonderful! She made it extremely fun. We all learned really great new moves. She made us feel very comfortable. We all had a great time. I loved spinning on the pole lol. I would definitely recommend this place to people"

 "Kari's Zumba class on Tuesday nights is everything that a Zumba class should be and more. This isn't your mom's Zumba class-you will be dripping with sweat afterwards, but you won't even notice because of all the fun you're having. She doesn't just go through the Zumba movements one after the other (as many Zumba instructors tend to do) She choreographs complete dances that are easy to follow and so much fun. Her music selection is great too. You feel like you're at a dance hall in Columbia. I couldn't recommend Kari's Zumba class enough." 

 "Took a pole dancing class here with Amanda. It was so much fun!! Amanda was great! We were a large group with a lot of personality but she kept up and then some. She really caters to your skill level and gives everyone personal attention. It was a workout but we laughed the whole time. Amanda is fun, energetic and funny! I highly recommend taking a pole dancing class here -- my friends and I are itching to go back!"

 "Rica was glorious! Make sure you ask her to do her own routine at the end of class, she is phenomenal. This girl has some serious upper body strength and great moves! Smiling Rica gladly accommodated our boisterous and mildly intoxicated bachelorette party for my best friend from high school. No need to bring heels, you won't strip, but you might stub your toe if you're not careful. Don't want to give too much away because the fun of it is the unexpected nature of the class but you should definitely request Rica!

"Patty was an awesome teacher at the Beginner Hip Hop Class! She was very patient with those of us who have no clue when it comes to dancing, and she was actually able to teach someone like me some moves. :) Besides getting great exercise and learning some dance moves, the class was a lot of fun and filled with laughter -- a great experience!"

 "I took the absolute beginner's Hip Hop dance class with owner Jessica. I had no dance experience coming in and I was definitely nervous, especially being a guy. The class size was nice and small and Jessica put everyone at ease immediately. Everyone really was in the same boat experience-wise (a concern of mine) and the pacing of the class made it easy to follow Jessica. By the fourth class I definitely felt improved, and the one on one session included was very valuable at recognizing areas of improvement. Jessica's instruction is easy to follow and she invites feedback to make the class as worthwhile for her students as possible, right down to asking for specific song selections during class. I am looking forward to taking another class through SHOCKra and would recommend Jessica for anyone else out there who would like to feel a little more comfortable on the dance floor." Douglas D.

 "I have no dance experience and I completed the absolute beginner club dance/hip-hop class with studio owner Jessica Hayden. It was a small class of only 5-6 ppl with plenty of individual attention. As an instructor Jessica had incredible energy and even though these were evening classes, she was able to get everyone pumped up and dancing. I'm the kind of person that when I tried to dance at a club or wedding, I didn't really know what to do with my arms and my feet barely moved. I'm glad I found a class where concepts that natural dancers know intuitively were clearly explained (e.g. to nod your head, where to place your hands, etc.). She does a great job of breaking down movements by explaining them in simple descriptive terms while showing you how to do them step by step. E.g. imagine your heel is touching hot water when it hits the floor, so you know to pull it back quickly, or imagine you're picking up a suit case when you're doing shoulder dips. You dance to music that you would expect to hear at any club/bar. I can definitely say after this I am more encouraged to go out on the dance floor and try out what I picked up in class. Additionally, the 20min private lesson that comes with the class is great, but I recommend doing 1 hour in order to accelerate the learning curve. I ended up taking the class again because I wanted to reinforce what I had learned, pick up new moves, and keep getting more confident. Overall, I think this series is a great way to gain confidence and feel comfortable going out dancing and having a good time." Brian B. 

"This is, in my opinion, one of the best pole dancing studios in NYC (I have tried several). A few highlights: -1 girl to a pole (you'd be surprised how many of the studios in the area stack up 2 girls to a pole and still charge $45 a class) -Reasonably-priced class packages -Technical, appropriately-leveled instruction with personal attention -Not too fast-paced for beginners -Generous makeup class policy -Classes aren't insanely overbooked (I was able to get several friends into a series) Right now I'm taking a class with Amanda, who is great. She has a wacky sense of humor and is attentive to form. I appreciate the attention to detail and the humanity she brings to the class." Sally R.

 "Took a pole dancing class here with Amanda. It was so much fun!! Amanda was great! We were a large group with a lot of personality but she kept up and then some. She really caters to your skill level and gives everyone personal attention. It was a workout but we laughed the whole time. Amanda is fun, energetic and funny! I highly recommend taking a pole dancing class here -- my friends and I are itching to go back!" -- Lisa F. 

 "I have been taking classes through SHOCKra for a couple of years now and I've never once had a bad experience. Rica is my favorite teacher; I can't get enough of her classes and keep coming back for more! I love how she accommodates whatever level you're at and knows just how much to push you to get you to your best and help you accomplish things you thought you'd never be able to do. The classes are such a good workout, not to mention confidence booster, no matter if you've taken pole for years or never had a class in your life. PS: It's always awesome when I come in and Amanda is working at the front desk! She's so friendly and totally puts you at ease. Plus, she's also a great teacher- I did a make-up in one of her classes and loved it."

 "I just finished my 6-week beginners program with Amanda and can't wait to take the continuation to this series with her again which I think really says a lot about this place! Unlike other places I've taken a class or two at, here each person has their own pole which means more time is spent learning the moves and practicing to perfect them. This also makes it easier for the instructor to check each student's progress, coach, and challenge them. Definitely worth the package price. Amanda's instruction is really great, and she is open to move suggestions if they're within the realm of the difficulty level you're at. She also allows different music to be played during the freestyle portion of the class (everyone has their own feeling sexy song, so it's great that this environment allows us to dance with our music as well). Ultimately, what I like most about this program, especially as a beginner is that it's a series, and I think that starting out the basics with the same instructor helps keep up my discipline. Over time I will try out different instructors to see other techniques, but I like the continuity as I'm starting out. Also, they're really great with their make up class policy and offer various options depending on their schedule (as they like to maintain their 1 per pole standard)." 

 "Beginning Hip Hop with Patricia was awesome! I really should have natural rhythm and great moves given my um blackground...but I never danced much growing up. Patty was so patient and took us through all the basics and reviewed them weekly before teaching new moves. My confidence grew each week as a result of her methods. She gives positive feedback when you nail a move, and if you're struggling with it, she seems to naturally and easily find another way to break it down EVERY TIME, until it's simple. I'm looking forward to through classes at Shockra. Patty is a keeper!"

 "My wife and I took the 90 minute crash course hip-hop class with Jessica. It was great. Jessica is very patient and extremely positive. She gives you the confidence you need no matter how much of a novice you are. She has a ton of energy all the way through. We are definitely going to sign up again!" Joe C. 

 "I've been a student since April of this year and I absolutely love this studio. I've taken the Pole level 1 and Pole choreography classes and I'm amazed at my progress. I've taken class with two very skilled instructors and enjoyed every minute of it. Many may feel apprehensive about taking a pole class, but Shockra's supportive environment instantly puts you at ease, allowing you to step outside of your comfort zone and become the sexy pole diva you were meant to be. There's no pole sharing here either. That pole is yours and only yours for the duration of the class. I don't know of any other studio that offers that. I love this place." Candi G. 

 "I fell in love with pole-dancing at Shockra. After taking two six-week sessions, I was completely hooked. Both of my teachers were amazing instructors and I learned so much in a short amount of time. Unlike other studios, where you might not touch the pole until a few weeks into the course, Shockra starts you out on day 1. I highly recommend starting out at Shockra. It's a great place to start learning the basics and building strength. The instructors are also awesome-- some of the stuff they can do on the pole is awe-inspiring." Gloria L. 

" I am an absolute beginner about to completely my first series, I had a great time and I am signing up for the next one.If you are thinking about doing this,just say yes!You win,you get to workout and have some fun while you at it. Come get your sexy back :)" Punea K

 "I was really trying to find something to do that would be active but not be like going to the gym, which I hate. I thought I would give the Shockra Studio Pole Dancing class a try and I have never felt more rewarded. It's fun, creative, strengthening, and challenging. My teacher is awesome and really makes you feel comfortable and excited each time you walk in. I've done two series of beginner pole, so far and I can't wait to take the next level up." Kara G. 

 “As someone who is a bit self conscious on the dance floor (my friends do moves called "the Susan" [for those who can't read, my name is Susan], and let's just say they aren't the smoothest), the intro to hip hop class sounded like a good idea to me. The class was full of other self-proclaimed non-dancers, but most of us at least has some rhythm. The class is definitely for the beginners of the beginners...we spent a lot of time learning to right-left-left-right and use our arms. Which was good, but I did feel like we spent a lot of time reviewing these every time each week. And the instructor spent a lot of time talking...we came to dance!” S.P. 4/26/13 “I've taken a bunch of 6-week pole dancing workshops at Shockra and loved all of them! They have fantastic instructors, each with their own unique style. One thing I like about this studio is that everyone always gets their own pole. No sharing, no waiting your turn to practice a trick, no swapping sweat via a common pole. Other studios in the city tend to have at least a 2:1 person to pole ratio, which is partially why I started coming here in the first place.” A.M.